Some pictures of our last trips

You are :

  • Furnished rental (s)

  • Tourist host

  • Service provider

  • Organizer of events, outings, excursions

etc ...

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We can :

  • Integrate you into our mailing lists

  • Bring you new customers

  • Publish your offers on our websites

And all this for free

Your commitments:

You communicate to us

  • your tariffs

  • your availability in real time

  • photos of your services

  • Your booking conditions

Our engagements :

  • we communicate your offers on different media

  • we manage reservations

  • we collect customer payments

  • we provide you with customer information

  • we pay you your full service by transfer

  • we can manage a deposit of 300 € per customer

How are we paid:

We ask a flat rate of 19 € booking fees from the customer

Depending on the services, a maximum margin of 20% may be applied

In summary :

We market your products without exclusivity

In case of reservation, we notify you immediately

You receive the details of the reservation according to your criteria

You are paid by bank transfer when the customer makes a reservation

We provide deposits up to 300 €

No cost to you