Investing in the Algarve - Portugal

We have been living in the Albufeira region for several years and have met many people, both personally and professionally.

We have bought 3 flats and sold 1.

Our last acquisition: 1 magnificent penthouse on the heights of Albufeira

We still have other projects to come...

Our adventure in Portugal would not have been the same, without the meeting of real professionals (who became friends)

Manuella Fonseca (estate agent) lives in Sao Martinho do Porto (north of Lisbon)

Tél +351 919 419 024

Olivier Pinto (estate agent) lives in Albufeira

Tél +351 964 875 125 Email

Orlando Almeida (architect & concierge)

Tél +351 910 024 246 Email :

Do not hesitate to contact them (ideally by WhatsApp) for your projects,

on behalf of Pascale and Philippe

Not to mention many friends, with whom we share our experiences

(list in alphabetical order so as not to offend anyone!!!)

Atipico restaurant (Emilie and Bruno)

Celeste and Paulo (building contractor)

Christelle and Vincent Savanah bar & bistro (Carlos and Virgine)

The list of our contacts will be updated regularly as we meet new people.

If you have any particular requests concerning a future investment, or work, etc., do not hesitate to send us a short e-mail

We will do our best to inform you or give you the right contacts.

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