Our insider tips - restaurants in Nazaré

There is a wide choice of restaurants in Nazaré. There are 92 restaurants in total, of which about 60 are open all year round. However, some of them are small and only cater for certain guests, while others are much larger.

Without asking for a full evaluation, we would like to help those that we think are really good and worth a visit. .

La Petite Vague

Run by Géraldine and Lionel and their daughter is the pastry chef, real French pastries, cream puffs, strawberry tarts etc...

Salad of the day, bagna bread for lunch on the beach and in the evening, charcuterie board on the terrace.

To discover

Taberna d'Adelia

named in the Michelin Guide. Charming environment, good wines and very good cooked fish which you can choose from their fish dish. Popular place so book a table in advance.

Little India

Great variety of Indian dishes and flavours that preserve quality.

Taverna do 8 o 80

A cosy Spanish restaurant with good food. Please try their burgers. Popular place to eat so book a table in advance.


Cosy restaurant in Sitio run by Wilson and his family. Very tasty and tasty dishes (try their perfectly cooked tuna or beef stamp. Also don't forget the cheese pie with a fig marijuana as one of the tapas starters). Also ask the staff to recommend the wine to the food, so we promise you won't be disappointed!

Restaurante A Tasquinha

Very good Portuguese food with friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere. Powered by Carlos and his son. Impossible to book a table and because the restaurant is popular, it often goes out on the street. However, it's worth talking to.

Hamburgueria Mooo

This is the place to go if you're looking for quality and affordable burgers. Also has a very good veggie burger.

Tosca Gastrobar

Cosy restaurant located on the larger of the two squares in Nazaré. Very popular restaurant not stuck in the traditional but developed Portuguese cuisine to an exciting level. The Portuguese sausage with cinnamon and apple or Camemebert with raspberry as a tapas starter is a good example.


Here you go when you want to feel luxurious. Located in Pedeneira. Always high quality; decor, staff, service and menu. Nice view of Nazaré. Specialities are calamari prepared in different ways. Please book in advance.


Newly opened restaurant (October 2017) on the smaller of the two docks in Nazaré.

High class on food, presentation and wines.

Maria do MAR

One of the restaurants in the "gutter" between the main square and the mountain railway (the only restaurant with its own sign for the square). Powered by Maria and her daughters. Personal and comfortable restaurant with a traditional and tasty Portuguese menu. On Fridays you will also have Fado evenings.

Casa Sana

Located in the large covered market opposite the Praia Hotel. Casa Sana serves wonderful and useful smoothies, salads and pies. Definitely worth a visit if you enjoy useful and good lunch food. Also have takeaway.

Keep the same opening times as the market.

O Picador

A "hole in the wall" with a Spanish theme, bullfights and bulls on the walls of exquisite Spanish tapas and wines.

Located in the street rising from the main square.

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